Madz Santiago’s Transformation Story

Unhealthy eating habits affect all aspects of our lives. From feeling sorry for yourself to being ashamed of how you’ve let yourself go, poor habits really hit home. These very habits are what led me to finding GetFit21. My name is Madz Santiago, and this is my story.

Around February of this year, I was at my heaviest weight of 176lbs. I didn’t celebrate my birthday properly, because I was feeling sorry for myself and didn’t want pictures to show the fact that I had let myself go.

It was also during this time that I started going back to the gym, but hadn’t yet found a specific diet plan to follow. In a way, I was blindly going for it.  Wilma, my soon to be GetFit21 Coach,  reached out through Facebook and asked if I wanted to join a Metabolic Health Program. She had seen through some of my posts that I had started to get back on track. I thought I had nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, so I said yes and began my first GetFit21 Challenge.

Fast forward to today, I am currently on my fourth GetFit21 Challenge; I weigh 140lbs and have lost a total of 36 lbs!

Consistently traveling while living my new lifestyle has been the trickiest part, because you never know what food will be available.  One of my biggest aids has been bringing extra packs of Unicity Complete when I’m out of the country. When I do eat out, I make sure to look for restaurants with food selection that falls within the enjoy list. Since most Asian restaurants love their white rice, I usually forego this and load up on my share of protein and veggies instead.

Thanks to the GetFit21 program, I have finally learned to eat fuel that is beneficial to my body. I enjoy my weekly meal preparation, and have grown accustomed to bringing my own packed meals to work. I have learned that for a healthy diet to be effective in the long run, it must be 100% sustainable, and GetFit21 is sustainable for me.

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