Spring into Summer Challenge

Summer is a time where we get out and enjoy warmer weather, more free time with our loved ones, and the fun that comes with it. Unfortunately, for some people, it’s a time of staying in and missing out on the fun due to physical or emotional limitations. GetFit21 wants to help you get outside, do more and live a more meaningful summer.

This April and May, prepare for summer by participating in our Spring Into Summer challenge. Have you always wanted to conquer a hike that seemed to be too hard? Spend long days at the beach keeping up with your kids? Or maybe  you have an athletic competition you want to prepare for? Whatever it may be, commit these next two months to preparing for those goals.

Step 1

Join a GetFit21 Challenge Team! The best way to start accomplishing your summer goal is to learn the right principles for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle NOW. If you haven’t heard of GetFit21, or don’t have a Challenge Team, we can connect you with a certified, GetFit21 coach, and Challenge Team, who will hold you accountable to tried and true principles that will help you reach your summer goal.



Step 2

Download our Summer Body goal sheet and write down what you will conquer this summer! It could be a physical activity you’ve always wanted to try. It could be a weight-loss goal. You decide! Snap a photo of yourself holding your goal and send it to us at [email protected].  We will then post your goal on our GetFit21 Facebook Page so that the whole GetFit21 family can cheer you on!


Step 3

Do the thing! With the help of your Coach and fellow Challengers, you will make progress toward your goal, and eventually succeed resulting in you having the best summer you’ve ever had. Once you complete your goal, be sure to snap a picture of what you have accomplished. Then send us a photo of you accomplishing your goal, along with a paragraph or two of how you feel having accomplished your summer goal. Email everything to us at [email protected] by June 22nd.

Step 4

On July 2nd, we will post everyone’s reviewed submissions on our GetFit21 Facebook Page. That day, you will want to share your post with your family and friends and have them react, like, love, comment, on your post on our page. The top 3 submissions with the most Facebook reactions will win the following prizes:

1st Place: $500 in Unicity Product Credit

2nd Place: $250 in Unicity Product Credit

3rd Place: $100 in Unicity Product Credit

However, the most rewarding part will most certainly be knowing that you set a goal, you accomplished it, and because of it, you will have a GetFit21 Summer!


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