How to Get the BEST Results from GETFIT21

If you’re here, it’s probably because you have some important goals. When you combine those goals with one crucial element, you’ll get the type of results you’re looking for.

Why Goals Matter

Take a second to think through your goals. Why are you here? Do you want to burn fat? Feel better? Be more fit? Learn how to become healthier? All of these are worthy goals, but we want you to dig a little deeper

Why are your goals what they are? Why are you willing to work to achieve them? Do you want to be healthier so you can be there for your kids? Do you want to lose weight so you feel better about yourself? Do you want to be healthier to help manage or prevent health issues that can come between you and the life you want to live? Pinpoint the reason you’re ready to make a change. We call that reason your “Why.”

Now that you know why you’re ready to get results, it’s time to reveal the one secret that will get you there.

The Secret to Getting the BEST Results from GetFit21

The secret to success in GetFit21 is accountability.

When you get started in a GetFit21 group, we ask that you commit to being 100% accountable. This means being honest and consistent in reporting your progress, no matter how things are going.

What does this look like? It means posting a picture or description of everything you eat during your 21 days, even if you’re not proud of it. It means posting about every workout, even if it didn’t go perfectly. Above all else, accountability is honesty. When you feel accountable to your coach, the other challengers, and yourself, you’ll achieve the best results.

Group and peer support are proven to be one of the most important elements of weight loss success. When you’re accountable to someone else, it provides a little bit of pressure. A small amount of pressure isn’t a bad thing! For many people, it’s the push that helps them change the way they act. If you know you’re accountable to someone else for how consistently you pursue your goals, you’re more likely to make the right choices to get there.

Being accountable to other people also helps you become more accountable to yourself. The more you practice accountability, the more natural it will feel to make great choices after your GetFit21 challenge is over.

Your Next Steps

Get ready to get accountable! Take some time to think about your why then let everyone in your group know about it. Over the next 21 days, let your why be the reason you remain 100% accountable to your coach and fellow Challengers. If you slip up, don’t let it slow down your progress. Get right back on track and post your very next meal or workout. Bit by bit, you’ll build the habits that make your goals a reality.

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