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Have you heard of Unicity Balance? If you haven’t, you may be surprised by how it can transform the way you approach your health and weight loss. Here’s everything you need to know about Balance.

What is Unicity Balance?

Balance is a one-of-a-kind orange-flavored supplement. It’s designed to be taken 10-15 minutes before a meal, twice a day. Not only is it an excellent source of plant-based fiber, it will help your body better manage insulin. This, in turn, will help you towards your health and weight loss goals.

How? Great question.

When we eat, our bodies convert our food into glucose, which enters the bloodstream. As a response, our pancreas creates insulin. Think of insulin as a “gatekeeper” to our cells. It allows glucose to enter all of the different types of cells in our body, where it is used for energy needs. If you didn’t have insulin, your cells couldn’t be fed. Once all of the glucose is stored, insulin closes the cells and gradually leaves the body.

In a perfect world, we’d eat just enough to feed our cells, then stop. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Many of us know what it’s like to eat more than we need. If this is the case, the excess glucose our body creates (from the food we eat) is stored in fat cells. Unless we give our bodies a chance to use this stored energy, we continue to store fat, leading to weight gain.

Now here’s the tricky part. Insulin leaves our bodies at a much slower rate than glucose. Our bodies can’t access our fat stores when insulin is in our bloodstream. If we eat something high in carbohydrates, we find ourselves hungry and irritable before the insulin has left our bloodstream. We eat again, releasing more insulin. Our insulin levels stay high, and we continue to store fat.

This cycle can easily continue throughout the day, constantly bathing our bodies in insulin. This cycle can take a toll. Not only does it prevent weight loss, it also causes us to age faster than normal and experience a higher risk of diabetes.

But here’s the good part: Unicity Balance can help us restore our body’s natural fat burning process. When we drink Balance before a meal, it leads to a milder release of insulin. This means that insulin leaves our body at about the same rate as glucose is stored. This allows our bodies to enter the fat burning zone much more easily.

Is Unicity Balance Right for Me?

 You may want to try Balance if:

Unicity Balance is listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, which means it is validated from a medical standpoint. And because it’s patented, there are no other products out there that can compare.

Your Next Steps

Watch the video below to learn more, and to discover five adjustments you can make to your life to help speed your weight loss. Then, try a box of Unicity Balance for 30 days to see the benefits for yourself.

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