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It’s no secret that the holiday season brings about not only a change in weather, festive lights, great music and time with loved ones, but it also brings delicious meals and treats that are very difficult to avoid. When we think about indulging in these treats, our mind usually thinks of “weight gain”, but there is something else even more important to think about when splurging in these kinds of foods; what are these foods doing to our gut health?

When we have a diet that is high in sugar, we increase the number of bad bacteria in our gut, and when we have excess amounts of bad bacteria in our gut, it makes it difficult for the good bacteria in our gut to flourish. So why is this important? While it may not be the most glamorous thing to talk about, the human large intestine is one of the most diversely colonized and metabolically active organs in the human body. Improving our gut health will thus benefit our digestion and absorption of food, our immune system, and the management of our appetite, among many other things. Have you ever started a fitness routine, ate nutritious food, exercised, but still not experienced the results you wanted? It could be your gut health!


So what can we do to prepare our digestive system for an optimal start to our New Year’s resolutions? Introducing: Unicity Cleanse! This powerful system contains three amazing products: Unicity Lifiber, Unicity Paraway Plus, and either Unicity Nature’s Tea or Unicity Aloe Vera. This combination of products, in conjunction with one another, cleanse the gut of bad bacteria (along with the good bacteria because there is no way to isolate what is leaving), as well as promote the growth of healthy bacteria; effectively helping us reset and restore our gut from start to finish. But now that you’ve cleansed the body of this bacteria, we need to feed it the good kind! This is where ProBionic steps in.  ProBionic promotes gut health by helping your body restore the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut. Not only that, but it’s a delicious, sweet treat, that you won’t feel guilty about!

So, it’s time to decide what you want out of your holiday and how you want to start the new year? Think about those healthy habits you’ve worked so hard on throughout 2017. Don’t throw away that progress and start the new year on the wrong foot. We should all change how we look at the holiday season, and instead of allowing it to control our health, we can take matters into our own hands and utilize Unicity Cleanse and ProBionic to help us get through this holiday season.

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