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Accomplishing your own health and wellness goals can often feel like a complicated task. You could type in the words: “healthy eating” in an internet search and find a wide array of opinions on what that even means, let alone what you should do.

Fortunately, GetFit21 focuses on science-based health and wellness principles that simplify what you need to do to accomplish your goals. The focus of this post is to highlight the most basic habits to practice to ensure great results.

Don’t Miss your Unicity Complete!

Routine is synonymous with habit, so, if you ensure that you take your Complete in your morning routine – you’re forming a healthy habit. Starting the day with a high quality, lean protein, and micronutrient dense meal sets the tone for the day. Your focus for the rest of the day may be entirely different depending on how you begin your morning.

Unicity Complete will not spike your blood sugar like most processed and refined breakfasts. Rather, it will you give you high-quality protein which will keep you fuller much longer than other breakfasts such as cereal. Elevating your protein intake is beneficial for fat loss, so drinking Complete each morning is an easy way to start off your day with a protein-dense meal.

Follow the Food Guide

After you’ve started the morning off correctly, now the focus turns to your other meals for the rest of the day. Get Fit 21’s Food Guide shows you exactly what you should be eating and avoiding. If it is not clear to you on what to be eating and avoiding at each meal, study the Food Guide and make it your best friend. You can print it off and put it on your fridge, and also save it on your phone and take it with you to the grocery store.

When you choose the right foods to eat, you regulate blood sugar levels, just like when you take Complete. Blood sugar regulation is at the foundation of efficient fat burning. Consuming the right foods is one of the most important habits you can begin practicing now to reach your goals.

Follow the 4-4-12

Along with knowing what to eat, you should also understand when to eat. When you avoid snacking in-between meals, you allow your body to more efficiently burn fat as a means of energy. Think of it this way, if you snack all the time, your body would predominantly use food for energy.

In contrast, when you wait 4-6 hours between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast without snacking – your body opts for stored fat for energy. Knowing when to eat is vitally important for your progress over time, and the 4-4-12 is exactly what you need to follow to boost your body’s ability to utilize fat as a means of energy.

Regular Exercise

Getting in at least 5 days a week of exercise for 30 minutes may seem like a difficult thing to do at first, but, your goals are more important than the challenges they present. Look at your exercise as a means to boost your results and accomplish your unique health and wellness goals. Getting in a good sweat will help with more efficient blood flow.

Amazingly, better blood flow is also a part of efficient fat burning. Besides this, there are a host of other benefits from regular exercise. Cardiovascular training can improve your heart and lung strength. Resistance training can not only improve your strength, but also your muscular endurance and even bone strength.

All things considered, these habits altogether aren’t complicated. Your pursuit of your goals should be simple. As you ensure that each of these things are habits, the results will assuredly follow you!

Written by Coach Ryan Packer.

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