Four Ways to Improve Your Consistency and Reach Your Goals


Have you ever been really good at something? Do you know someone who has mastered a task or talent? Have you ever thought about how they got there?

In order to master anything, the key is consistency.

When you’re consistent, you stick with a way of thinking of acting, even when it stops feeling rewarding in the moment.

If you’re taking on a Get Fit 21 Challenge, it’s because you have goals. Are you being consistent in working towards them? If not, it’s time to live with more consistency.

How To Work Towards Your Goals with Consistency

Unfortunately, you can’t just wake up one morning being consistent. You have to set a goal to become more consistent, then put in the work to get there. It will take time and effort, but the results will be worth it!

Here are four things you can start working on right now to become a more consistent person.

1. Make a Plan: Just like any other change in your life, you can’t become consistent at all things instantly. It’s important to make a plan about which areas in your life you’d most like more consistency. For example, you may want to improve the consistency with which you exercise, or the consistency with which you say no to snacking. Commit to improving your consistency in those small areas.

Remember – no change is too small! If you can maintain a small change in your daily life and build on it, you’re sure to see a huge difference in your long-term results.

2. Improve Your Willpower: Becoming more consistent will require you to do things even when you don’t want to. Willpower is what will bring you over that gap. Think about your goals, and then think about ways to improve your willpower in relation to them. For example, if your goal is to stop snacking, get rid of all the foods in your kitchen that tempt you to snack.

Remember – willpower is like a battery. There are times when it can run low. Removing temptations in your life will boost your willpower and help you to maintain consistency.

3. Plan for Failure: When you start out on any endeavor, there’s a chance you will fail. Planning for that failure beforehand allows you to get right back up and get back to work. When you decide on an area you’d like to be more consistent in, think of ways you might fail. For example, if your goal is to exercise every day before work, a potential failure could be sleeping through your alarm and not having enough time. In that situation, you can maintain consistency by committing to exercising after work instead.

Remember – Avoid the trap of “all or nothing” thinking. Failing in a single task does not mean you’ve failed overall.

4. Choose a Realistic Speed: Consistency doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself time to reach your goals. Make small changes, create good habits, and work your way up to building on them gradually.

Remember – If you go 0 to 100, you burn yourself out long before you reach your goals. Give yourself time.

Your Next Steps

Now that you know the benefits of consistency, it’s time to apply it to your life. Think about an area you’d like to be more consistent in. Use the steps above to incorporate it into your life. Do so for the remainder of your challenge (and beyond) to reach your goals and maximize your results.

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